Who we are

Legaia Books is an online based self-publishing company that offers cost effective book publishing and marketing services. With our unparalleled passion in giving authors the resources to create and publish quality books for everyone to read, authors who prefer to publish with Legaia Books are confident with the quality of work that we distribute to the market. Every book that we publish goes through all the important process of publishing to ensure that the exact demographic market of the author can understand, appreciate, and love the work.

It is important for us that we provide the author the right services needed for the books. Through our streamlined family of services and partners, we’ve helped our authors connect to the world and share their works to their intended readers. Whether it’s a new manuscript or a book looking for the right home, we, here at Legaia, are book lovers at heart and will surely help any author looking for the right team to work with.

Our History

Great minds with great passion create great steps for a greater vision.

There are many books published each year, but only a select few have gotten through the continuously growing competition in the global market. That’s the bitter reality. Legaia Books started its humble beginning when a group of publishing professionals, who works at Self-Publishing’s biggest houses, grouped together to solve one of the industry’s major problem— book quality. Their experience in working with big firms made them realized that authors aren’t treated with the same level of attention by these big houses. So, with the great passion for excellence, these group of young people created Legaia Books a quality driven self-publishing company. Legaia Books treats authors fairly and professionally— making sure their books are marketable regardless of their financial investment.


To find a reader for every book we touch.


To deliver quality-driven books to the right audiences
To continuously inspire aspiring authors
To connect authors to industry gatekeepers

Wondering how to get started?

No need to wander further around. Let us walk you through all the details needed so we can start your project by filling out the basic information.