In a fast-paced world, you need to grab your reader’s attention in a matter of seconds using head-turning book covers, intriguing titles, enticing blurbs. What if you can do all that and more? Make your book stand out and get yourself a book trailer! Just like a movie trailer, a book trailer is a promotional video that can be used in several social media platforms in order for you to increase your visibility and eventually capture your target audience. Studies show that 96% of consumers say that videos influence them to make purchasing decisions. In fact, social video has outdone text and image contents in generating 1200% more shares online. Videos are certainly easy to share and has more potential to go viral.

Why You Need a Book
Trailer Now

Become a Worldwide Trend

An Internet user spends on average 6 hours watching videos per week. By 2021, people will be spending as much as 100 minutes a day watching videos online. And it just keeps increasing year after year. Don’t miss out on this chance for a wider visibility.

Be a Visual Storyteller

Videos can communicate it all---body language, verbal tone, visual cues. It’s the most accurate medium of communication with the ability to cover both visual and auditory contents. Video is a quick, concise, and aesthetically rich way to convey your idea to your audience. It’s truly a better way to engage your readers.

Convert Sales Through Social Media Marketing

According to studies, the use of videos on social media platforms by different kinds of brands goes up to 60%. Experts further say that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Facebook users altogether reach 8 billion daily video views. Furthermore, TV ads played on Facebook lifts brand awareness as much as 40%. With all these statistics, it’s not a surprise that 85% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool to make sales because videos influence purchasing decisions.

This kind of technology is definitely here to stay, and its reach will only get wider and wider. Don’t lose this chance to get ahold of this opportunity and to take advantage of its benefits. Our professional book trailer producers are ready to create your next book marketing breakthrough.

Everything is right here at Legaia Books Online. We make it a goal for our author’s book to reach its highest potential in terms of visibility and be able to compete in the market through affordable and convenient ways to promote their book.

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